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Don’t get left behind. Call us now to get the right SEO for your business. We focus on making sure your business stays ahead of the curve, and ahead of your competitors. We want you to come out on top in the search engine results, and we’ll do everything we can to help you there.

Our SEO services start from $695+GST per month for a 20 keyword plan. SEO is the most affordable and efficient way to get on the first page of Google.

Start with a FREE SEO Audit first – let us tell you how we can help you, in detail. No obligation. No charge.


What is an SEO Audit

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An SEO audit reveals any SEO and website issues and gives you an actionable roadmap for what needs to be tackled.

It is a detailed report on how well your website is optimised for Google traffic as well as get a list of required fixes and recommendations.

How Will An SEO Audit Help You?

An SEO audit can guide you to make the vital changes needed to boost your site’s search engine rankings to attract more revenue, leads, and visitors.

If Google can’t understand or read your website it will never rank well.


Once we have completed your audit we will have a better idea of what is required to rank your website well. You may wish to engage our Digital Marketing SEO services to implement the suggested fixes.

You are, of course, under no obligation to do so !

We do offer comprehensive full managed SEO services starting from just approx AUD$695 per month. So whatever your budget we will work with you to suggest the best plan. Full details are available here 

What Is Included In Your Website Analysis?

Your SEO Analysis report looks at more than 70 website parameters, and gives you clear and actionable recommendations on how to improve your online presence and how to rank better.

sample SEO Audit

Your SEO Audit Includes

We will check the main parameters of your website
We will check how well your titles and meta descriptions are optimized for a search query
See how well a URL is optimized for a search query. Don’t miss any SEO fundamentals
Check whether and how a search engine ‘knows’ about your page’s existence

Your SEO Audit Also Includes

Run the audit and see how you can optimize your web page images
Discover whether your content is SEO-friendly and keyword-optimizedLINK ANALYSIS
Analyze all external and internal links on your web page
Get a clear view on whether your h1-h6 tags are optimized for a search query

Your SEO Audit Looks At..

Check how fast a page loads up and discover ways of speeding it upKEYWORD DENSITY
Find the most common words and phrases on a page
Discover how many social signals your landing page has up to date
Make sure that you use valid markup, the favicon is in its place, the 404 error page is customized and your page is safe and ready to go

SEO Frequently Asked Questions

Questions You Should Be Asking

(which are answered by this website Audit)

Is my Site Being Indexed?
Your website can only get traffic if your pages are indexed in Google.

A good place to start is with your robots.txt file.

Are search engines able to process the content?

Is your content trapped inside Flash, overly complex JavaScript, or images.

Google’s bots need to be able to crawl your site to determine its content – make sure you aren’t blocking them.

Is my desired ranking keyword(s) in the title?
Your target keyword for the page needs to be in the title. If it is not there Google might not understand fully what your site is all about.
Are there backlinks from other sites that are topically relevant?
Topically relevant backlinks help establish your site as an authoritative source of information in your industry.
Is my site slow to load?
Site speed impacts your conversion rate, and it can also affect how high your site will rank in search engines.
Are any of the links broken?
Links that return a 4xx or 5xx status code are considered to be “broken”. Whilst not always a direct SEO factor they make for poor user experience – which is of prime concern to Google..
Are there internal links? If so, are they placed the right way?
If you have internal links, it is best to make sure they are using exact match anchor text.
Does my page use an H1 tag? And does this tag include a targeted keyword?
The content (text) on your site tell Google what your site is about. The easier it is for them to assess the content the more likely you are to rank. Structed text which uses h1, h2, h3 headers is easier to analyse.
Is my Website Mobile Friendly?
If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, then that is a big problem to Google = big problem for you!.
Is my Content Long Enough?
Usually longer content performs better in Google – find out how long Google thinks your content is. Add more if it is not enough!
Is There Duplicate Content and Titles on my site?
Duplicate content can also be a big problem Especially if it is duplicate page titles and descriptions.

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